About Us

Our purpose is to shape a new world of experiences.

We empower companies to transform their existing customer communications from non-scalable, physical and impersonal interactions into highly scalable, digital first and hyper contextualized communication experiences.

Zenvia was founded back in 2004 as a bootstrapped startup in a garage in Brazil. Nowadays we serve more than 10,000 companies across Latin America through our established operating companies in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Our customer experience communications platform enables companies to create unique journeys along their relationship with end-customers through a combination of cloud-based software solutions, tools and channels.

From small family-owned businesses to large enterprises, companies across a variety of industries, including banking, retail, services, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and education, among others, use our platform to attract, convert, serve and nurture their end-customers.

Through our unified end-to-end platform, our customers are able to improve their end-customer experiences in several use cases, including marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, customer information nutrition, customer onboarding actions, warnings, customer services with or without automation, fraud control, cross-selling, and customer retention, among others.

Our technology allows our customers to start using our platform based on their individual use case, and then expanding their usage by adding new use cases based on the solutions, tools and channels available within our platform.

The following chart summarizes our platform and business model.